دانلود نرم افزار.تم.عکس و موزیک موبایل - نرم افزار برای نوکیا سری N
نرم افزار مخصوص N73 , N93 , N80 , 3250 , N91 ( تست شده )
Mobile timesheet recording and reporting

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Mobile timesheet recording and reporting.

* Time Tracking for multiple projects, tasks and clients.
* Different rates for each project.
* Realtime Summary of current day, week and month.
* Entry log for the last entries.
* Reporting for all or single projects or taks.
* Reporing for Months Quarters, Years and user definable intervals.
* CSV export for further analysis and printing.
* XML export for converting and importing in various applications.

Compatible Devices

Nokia 3250 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia 5500d (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E50 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E60 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E61(S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E62 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E70 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N71 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N73 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N75 (S60 Erd Edition)
Nokia N80 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N80 IE (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N91 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N91 8Gb (S60 3rd Ed.)
Nokia N92 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N93 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N95 (S60 3rd Edition)
اينم آخرين ورژن SplashPhoto واسه اونا كه فقط دنبال عكس بازي هستند !!!

يك برنامه توپ واسه كساني كه روزهاي تولد نزديكاشون يادشون ميره....


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اينم ورژن جديد برنامه قرآن ريدر كه هيچ مشكلي نداره و كاملا اصلاح شده ....{ نسخه 4.32}

ALON.Software.MP3.Dictaphone.v1.16.S60v3.SymbianOS .9.1.KeyGen-HSpda

ALON MP3 Dictaphone for S60 is the first high-quality MP3 dictaphone which also supports AMR and WAV audio formats for recording, phone calls recorder and MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4/M4A, AMR, WAV audio player with built-in 3-Band Parametric Equalizer , hot buttons and M3U playlists.

Now you receive three applications instead of one: voice dictaphone, phone calls recorder and music player!
You may easily turn your smartphone into advanced digital dictaphone and start to record lectures, conversations, interviews and phone calls. On the other hand you need not to spend money to music player - with ALON MP3 Dictaphone you can listen to your favourite music in MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4/M4A, AMR and WAV - the most popular audio formats.


* Recording with higher quality
* "Phone calls" which gives opportunity to show recorded phone calls
* "Refresh" allows to refresh current play folder


* First MP3 Recorder for Nokia S60 3rd Edition!
* Multilingual support: German, French, Greek, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Serbian, Spanish, Polish languages.
* Two types of gain control besides automatic: during the recording you may adjust the recording level manually by using Joystick as well as you change the volume during listening to music; also you may choose one of four positions of microphone gain before recording.
* ALON MP3 Dictapone allows you to save lots of memory space by keeping you recordings in MP3 - the most popular audio format.
* You may record to any location of your phone including memory card and create new folder.
* You can move, rename, delete and send your recordings.


* Support AMR and WAV audio formats.
* Two types of call recording: automatic and manual.
* You may record both to memory card and internal menory.


* Pause and resume playback during/after incoming calls. You can keep listening to music.
* You may choose any folder and all subfolders from any location on your phone for playback.
* Dictaphone gives opportunity to organize your own music library by creating the folders with your favourite tracks using the possibilities of moving, renaming and deleting tracks.
* You may choose the way of playing the list: Play track, Play list, Loop track, Loop playlist, Randomize.
* You may choose the way of positioning the tracks at the list: showing the beginning or the end.

M3U Playlists

Dictaphone supports M3U playlists. You may both use Winamp playlists on your smartphone and use playlists created on your smartphone at Winamp.


You may sign all actions such as play, stop, pause, forward rewind, back rewind, on/off equalizers, switching between playlist and equalizer to hardware buttons.


3-Band Parametric Equalizer for all supported audio formats gives opportunity to adjust playback as you like.
Dictaphone saves your presettings for equalizer. You may adjust playback as you want and don't use equalizer at the next time.
از اماكانات جالبش اينه كه مي تونين يه آهنگي رو كه دوست داريد يا از قسمت اولش خوشوتون مي ياد به جاي زنگ داشته باشيد!
درون گوشي با اين برنامه اون اهنگ و ركورد كنين و بزاريد روي زنگ و حالش و ببريد!!با كيفيت ام پي 3!
اينم چند تا عكس از برنامه!

اينم نرم افزار منشي!!تلفني براي تمام سري هاي 9.1!!!ورژم جديد!

برنامه مدیریت فایل و پیامگیر (منشی) برای گوشی های OS9.1 با امکاناتی جالب و جدید...

AutoPilot - The Original All-In-One Answering Machine & Call Manager. Personalized messages, SMS auto-responder & call/sms filter in one easy to use program!
AutoPilot - Answering Machine & Call Manager
Why have multiple programs to deal with, when AutoPilot has everything in one easy to use program!
"Personalized greetings for every caller - One for your WIFE, one for your GIRLFRIEND!"
AutoPilot can is truly the Original Call Mangagment Software, and the first program to ever be released for Series 60 devices that combined an answering machine, sms auto response & blacklist into one easy to use program. While other developers are adding so many features that it takes a rocket scientest, with hours of free time just to figure out how to use the program, we at Killer Mobile strive to only add features that the majority of users actually USE, and keep our software as user as friendly as possible. You'll also notice that our software is typically 30% cheaper than that of other similar products, however our quality is higher, and our customer service better! Don't buy into "Overpriced imitations"! AutoPilot truly is the best application of it's kind!
Imagine being able to leave different greetings, for different callers - One for your boss telling him you're running late to work. Another for your friends, saying you'll meet them at the bar after work, and another for your girlfriend, saying how much you love her. Now imagine being able to not only leave personalized greetings, but also send out personalized text messages in response to a call, or even BlackList certain people you don't wish to speak to. Now you can! You can do all of this and more with AutoPilot. AutoPilot effectively replaces three separate programs all for the price of just ONE! Not only that, but AutoPilot truly is the best Answering Machine type program available on the market. Go ahead, download a free 14 day trial version and see for yourself!
AutoPilot is an intelligent personal productivity solution, full featured personal messaging assistant application for the mobile phone models that are based on Series 60 3rd Edition. This Personalized Messaging Assistant integrates capability of auto-responder, personalized voice responder, personalized SMS responder, blacklist and the voice recorder applications.
Create different, personalized greetings for all of your friends, family, business contacts, clients and more!
With AutoPilot you can accomplish the following tasks:
* Set default auto response and save voice messages directly to your phone's internal memory without using your operator's voice mail
* Set personalized voice responses and save voice messages
* Personalized SMS responses (when somebody calls, the SMS response will be sent)
* Reject unwanted calls & Messages including Unkown numbers (blacklist feature)
* Call back the received call numbers
* Save local voice clip files
* Get complete call log
* Playback saved voice messages
* Transfer saved voice messages via Infrared, Bluetooth, Email or MMS
The features of the AutoPilot program include:
* Total control over the response parameters
* Global status indicator of the program activity
* Tight integration with contacts
* Saving local voice clip files with the length longer than 1 minute
* Runs in the background
* Extremely "lite" program (200kb) takes up very little disk space
Compatible Devices:
Nokia 3250 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia 5500d (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E50 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E60 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E61(S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E62 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E70 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N71 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N73 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N80 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N91 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N92 (S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia N93 (S60 3rd Edition)

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Answering Machine - S60V3

پیامگیر (منشی) برای گوشی های سری OS9.1

Rock Your Mobile Answering Machine v1.00
Enhance your device with one of the most powerful features you can imagine: an Answering Machine based on your own Smartphone. Do not waste money for your voice box anymore!
Answering Machine doesn't have microphone mute bug!
There are two views in the program: Answering machine & Msg. player. You can switch between them with left and right joystick keys.
Here you can see ans. machine state: turned off, waiting for a call, incoming call, playing greeting message, or recording message.
In this view you can also see your messages brief statistics, the number of unheard messages and an approximate number of messages that can be recorded (calculated as a ratio of free disk space to max. message size)
Here you can see list of messages. All unheard messages are shown in Bold font. Messages without message file are shown red (e.g. if message file itself was removed with a file explorer outside Answering Machine).
Note: for storing messages we use AMR sound format. This format is highly compressed and best suits answering machine needs especially taking into consideration the fact that Smartphone is limited in disk space.
Compatible for:
Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia 3250, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N80, Nokia E50, Nokia 5500, Nokia E70, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E65, Nokia N93i.
Guardian - S60V3

برنامه ای جدید و عالی برای محافظت از گوشی و اطلاعات موجود در اون برای گوشی های سری OS9.1

We are presenting to you cool security software for smartphones, especially Symbian Series 60 3rd edition, and are going to release new mobile security applications soon. We hope you enjoy this page content and find the Phone Guardian for Series 60 useful for yourself.
You can secure your mobile now: Phone Guardian is released 15.12.2006
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Compatible with Nokia 5500, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E62, Nokia E70, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N95, Nokia 3250, Nokia N Series, Nokia E Series, Nokia E65, Nokia N76, Nokia N93i, Nokia E61i, Nokia N73 Music Edition
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